Computerease Staff Scheduling allows you to control labor costs by utilizing your work force to it's best potential.

Rules Definition: Allows staffing to automate the process whereby employees are matched with vacancies based on defined skill sets and availability. Overtime, consecutive days, labour standards and union rules are applied where needed. Rules are sequenced and interpreted based on Union, Department and Labour code requirements.

Pool Display: A call list shows a prioritised list of eligible employees available to fill a vacant shift based on the Rules Definition for each vacant shift.

Book On/Off: Book On/Off module allows access to all employee assignment functions, either from a centralized staffing department or distributed environment. The Book On function feeds a documented history of all employee bookings and contacts. Each contact tracks whether the employee rejected the shift offering or was placed on pending; awaiting a later response.

Rejection Lists: Pending and Rejection Lists and Queries are automatically generated when an employee is contacted. The status is displayed along with the date, time and operator. Employees may be Booked On from these lists.

SAP Payroll: Our Staff Scheduling system has a proven interface to SAP payroll which will substancially reduce your data entry efforts if you already use SAP for payroll processing.

All scheduling modules are easy to install and get started with our always available help staff.